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Luminous Inverlast ILTT 18048

Key Features

Brand: Luminous

Capacity: 150AH


Rs. 15720 20% off

Rs. 12599

Exchange Price Rs. 10599

Warranty : 3 Years Guarantee + 1 Year Warranty (Pro-Rata)

With Old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 10599

Without Old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 12599

Luminous Inverlast ILTT 18048

Luminous Inver last ILTT 18048 batteries have unique patented alloy composition which protects the lead part of battery from corrosion. It has void free uniform grain structure. This ensures consistent high quality performance.


  • Unique battery design enabled to support long power cuts
  • Reliable, consistent and low maintenance mechanism
  • Overcomes the problems of power cuts and low voltage
  • Reduces electricity consumption which leads to financial savings
  • Warranty of 48 months
  • Weight is 57 kg

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